Our Team

Faiza Khalid

Founder & CEO

Faiza Khalid has been in marketing for 10 years and is an expert at getting your message to your targeted prospects and boosting conversion rates. With the creation of two start-ups under her belt (One is Social Enterprise, second is Multinational Company), it is clear that Faiza has what it takes to get the job done – and then some. Years of proven marketing, Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning and Portfolio Management experience. Her  hard work and endless energy are all proof positive that Faiza is motivated, dedicated, and loves this work. Faiza’s creative approach to growth & marketing always keeps one steady in mind, what does the client want and what is the coordinated plan of attack to get the job done.

Hamza Khalid

COO & Project Leader 

Hamza is COO & Project Leader of BIZKO based in UK & Pakistan.

He has comprehensive consulting experience in Software Quality assurance and growth strategies– his areas of expertise are Database Management, SQA, Projects Supervision, Database Marketing Automation, Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning and Portfolio Management, Marketing Spend Effectiveness and Innovation Management in Marketing and Sales. Other than BIZKO, Hamza created several extremely successful multi-million-dollar corporations from start-up using his unique talent of predicting marketing trends and filling the online void in several industries including finance, real estate, and legal. iSOFT Studios is his Most Successful Project. 

Malik Adnan Awan

V.P of Creatives & Marketing

Malik Adnan Awan has a degree in Media Arts  & Communication Studies from UMT and additional certifications in graphic communications. He has a background in trademark licensing and brand management. As a graphic designer Malik specializes in logo designs, web site layouts, and the creation of all types of business communications and Branding stuff, Advertising videos and Documentaries.

Malik has a creative mind. He loves to play with colors and beauty. He knows well how to make your mind map with more colors and innovation in your business. He is the gem and unique part of BIZKO’s team.