BIZKO INC is my dream project with the vision to bridge the gap between digital entrepreneurs and Pakistani manufacturers, facilitating the transformation of businesses from traditional to digital spaces through ecommerce

About Founder

Faiza Khalid: CEO & Founder at LOOP, Founder & Director: BIZKO INC

Faiza Khalid is a serial entrepreneur. She runs two companies. One is a social enterprise called LOOP, which focuses on training youth in digital skills to empower them financially.The second company is BIZKO INC, a growth and marketing agency based in the UK and Pakistan. Faiza is an award-winning eCommerce expert with extensive experience launching international brands using Pakistan-based manufacturing . Her vision is to promote “Made in Pakistan” products in the eCommerce sector. She has a strong spiritual affiliation and conducts research on Iqbal’s philosophy of selfhood (Falsafa e Khudi) and its practical implementation in life . Faiza serves as a mentor and business coach for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and C-level executives due to her profound knowledge of the natural laws governing business and life. She is a staunch advocate for empowered women with high self-esteem, promoting a balance between faith (Deen) and worldly pursuits (Duniya) while embracing motherhood.She holds the same vision for youth, aspiring to guide them towards becoming better individuals with high self-esteem, balanced personalities, and awakened souls.


To empower Pakistan as a strong nation by fostering digital entrepreneurship and connecting entrepreneurs with manufacturers to thrive in the eCommerce landscape


Our mission to empower digital entrepreneurs with comprehensive support, while forging strong partnerships with manufacturers to drive economic development through eCommerce in Pakistan

Her Skills

Faiza Khalid is an experienced brand strategist with a wealth of experience launching over 500 brands, generating over $700 million in revenue. Her expertise in eCommerce brand development compelled her to establish an agency connecting digital entrepreneurs with manufacturers for eCommerce.

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