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Brand Launch on Amazon

Private Label Business on Amazon 


1st Round: Company Registration. (Important for Brand Building)

In First Round, we do help in Account Creation
Phone Number, Business Address, Bank Account. Company Name.

Important Points to Consider

In the Start, we will Do research to make it possible to select the product with more potential to add values, features, and diversity. It will be you who will work on all legal matters like Company Registrations, Business addresses, and business numbers.
You will require the following Documents and detail in the process of Account Registration.
You will register your account on your own under our supervision. After that, you will give us the child account access. The main Account (Parent Accounts) will be in your Control.
1. a business address
2. Business Phone Number
3. Bank statements (to prove the same business address you will add in seller Central)
4. Utility Bills Same as you mention in Seller central to prove your identity
5. Credit card for the charge method
6. Payoneer

Research & Development Phase

2nd Round: Product Research

It will require more time, energy, and analytic approaches to decide about the best product. Our major focus is to select the product available in Pakistan. It will reduce the cost. You will be able to understand the root process to build your product.
When we will be able to select the potential Pakistani product, it will be easy for us to create uniqueness, redesigning all packaging and bundling to make our product more unique. All this process in Pakistan will reduce a lot of operational costs if you do the same in China.

3rd Round: Product Design Process

4th Round: Sourcing

After deciding on the Product, we will plan from where we will source the product. It all depends on our research, product, profit margins, and cost. (Based on product design process). Although our major focus is to select the Pakistani Product.

5th Round: Branding

• LOGO designing
• Product Photography
• Editing and Optimization of the Images

6th Round: Product Listing & Optimization

In this process, we will work to do research on keyword variation, and selection of the targeted keywords with the variations of all secondary and unique keywords selected in the product research and design process. Product listing is a very important stage to optimize the listing. Listing optimization is an important factor in marketing.

7th Round: Shipment

In this Round, we will work on the shipment process and will manage the freight services to handle your shipment process towards your destination.

8th Round: Marketing

  1. The most important step to rank your product is Listing Optimization.
  2. We will manage you to make a marketing plan. It will be a mixed marketing plan, like
    Giveaways, Coupons, Will run the PPC Campaigns according to the marketing budget and
    based on competitor’s analysis and target keywords.

9th: Account Management

This whole process will be managed by BIZKO INC. we will require the child account access to manage the product listing, optimization, shipment plans, and marketing suggestions.

  • A content Marketing specialist will handle your listing optimizations.
  • The graphic Designer will manage all designing related to branding on Amazon and social

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