BIZKO INC LTD is a project of LOOP (Leadership & Object Oriented Programs). LOOP is a social enterprise established in 2015. LOOP is the pioneer in introducing the value and worth of digital entrepreneurship in the community. LOOP launched different training & development programs with various institutes, universities, and incubation centers to promote the digital entrepreneurship. After a complete research and established in the transformative services, all programs are designed to encourage digital literacy between the young entrepreneurs. LOOP has trained more than 3000 digital entrepreneurs and professionals.

BIZKO INC LTD is the services based company incorporated company as a private limited company in England and Wales with the registration number of 12732476. its registered office is in England and Wales, and headquarters is in Lahore, Pakistan.

BIZKO is the project specially designed to promote digital tools and ways to beat the international market in B2B and B2C approaches.

The Major Focus would be transforming the supply chain management process by promoting the trends to create the Omni channels with the healthy integration of Global Markets. 

BIZKO INC LTD is a growth & digital marketing agency. We are not a traditional growth & marketing agency; we are HUB to provide you the ecosystem to connect you to the right market through branding, Networking, Digital Marketing, PR Campaigns, Awareness programs, and Consultations.

BIZKO helps you understand the business needs and challenges. We will brand your name as your identity with long-term plans. BIZKO will digitize your worth in any form to make your business more worthy.